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Environmental Projects & Crisis Management 

Assistance to public and private decision makers:

- Management of complex technical or legal projects, dormant projects, crisis context ...

- Determination of a strategy

- Animation of consultation meetings

- Spokesperson  

- Team coordinator and contractors management in an international context

- Benchmark and drafting of policies and  guidelines

Contaminated Soils Expertise 
Assistance to Decision Makers

- Building remediation strategy for polluted sites

- Management of call for tenders and studies and works performed by selected companies

- Follow-up of studies and works

- Technical assistance to lawyer to draft clauses (leases, sale contracts...)

- Writing policies and guidelines dedicated to polluted sites management 

EHS Audit and Advisory
Compliance & Due Diligence 

- Advisory to align with OSHA standards

- Regulatory compliance audit: audit,  action plan, implementation of corrective actions and interface with the administration

- Due diligence audit (ASTM phase I&II): EHS risks, liabilities and noncompliances assessment, review of financial and legal consequences, assistance to draft contractual clauses and support for negotiations


International Projects Environmental Assessment

- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): environmental baseline study, assessment of positive and negative impacts of the project / program on environment, proposal of measures  to avoid, adaptat or compensate and support in their implementation

- Numerous experiences in Africa and in the Caribbean.

Sustainable Development
CSR Reporting 

- Support to create and implement a sustainable development strategy

- CSR reporting: selection of indicators, choice of new reporting tools, data collection, consolidation, rooms for improvement 

- Sustainable development report: benchmark of topics to b covered, qualitative and quantitative analysis, report contents

Training on 
Environmental Topics

- Topics covered: sustainable development, environmental regulation, waste reduction, water management, energy management, air quality, management of polluted soils, natural and industrial risks, pollution, environmental impacts and nuisances , health and safety at work, etc.

- Ability to lead conferences and debates

- Training accreditation n° 11 75 50065 75

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